Crafted with care

A chisel and a piece of wood is just a chisel and a piece of wood, until it is in the hands of a true craftsman. An artist can turn these primitive raw materials into a work of art.

At Cotton Collective we have managed to find the most skilled artisans who have passed down, for generations, the time honoured art of block carving and hand printing.

Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, is a bustling, hot and vibrant city where you will find only a handful of artisans skilled enough to produce the intricate quality of product that Cotton Collective wish to offer.

This combination of skill and environment is the perfect recipe to produce our exquisite palette of colours. With expert mixing, the dry, hot air oxidises the handcrafted natural, primary dyes into the rich and complex colour combinations we love.

The ethically crafted, timeless pieces that are created by these artisans will surely become your next family heirloom.