Who is Cotton Collective


Two sisters with one love. Home.

Cotton Collective was always bound to happen. Sister’s Lisa and Kym have always shared a love of all things family, travel and design, but no matter where they ventured, their homes were always their happy, loving, safe retreats, if not just a little chaotic.

With Lisa’s, growing family becoming increasingly more independent, it seemed the time was right for her to spend more time pursuing her other loves, and a trip abroad brought into focus a desire to do something that had a greater purpose than just providing pretty tablecloths and homewares, but supported an ethical livelihood to others in the world.

Her sister Kym was right there when Cotton Collective was born, ironically, around their kitchen table.

Every time you purchase a piece from Cotton Collective you are directly helping to clothe a child or put shoes on their feet, to buy school supplies, or put a meal on their table.

At Cotton Collective we aim to connect families, both around the table and across the world, through the craftsmanship of beautiful, timeless and all natural textiles.

With care you will enjoy the exquisite beauty of your piece for years to come, knowing that someone else's world is just a little brighter too!